Korg SDD3000


Here are some tips on getting your Korg SDD3000 up and running again.


  1.   First the Ni Cad battery on the power supply board needs changing. over time the battery will leak fluids and eat away at the power supply PCB. the specs. are 3.6v 150mah. You can use a lithium 3V coin cell but you must change the 100 ohm resistor on the power supply to a 1N4148 diode with the Black line facing the edge of the board.
  2.          Make sure all internal screws and hardware are there. these screws, particularly the ones holding the 2 large PCB, determine the ground reference for the unit. the PCB screws must be tight or the unit will do its own thing.
  3.     All the 47mf/16 volt and 220mf/16v  caps must be replaced. many of these will be leaking fluids. there are fifteen caps total. those have got to go. they are on both main PCBs. Power supply caps and rectifiers can also be changed. Be sure to clean up and repair all circuit traces before installing new caps.
  4.     If the buttons on the front do not function, then the tact switch is bad. Sometimes we see control chips go bad on the digital board but that’s a $5 part. Mostly it’s the tact switches themselves. We have the original type tact switch in stock. they are $12 each. they are very rare and hard to find. there is no other replacement.
  5.     Check/resolder all the multipin connectors on all boards. and check the power supply board solderwork. 
  6.     Once you have completed these steps the unit should work great. If not contact us for help.
  7.     I do conversions from 120/240 to universal voltage. That means your SDD3k could work with ANY voltage from 94 volts to 263 volts with no switches or mods. JUST PLUG IT IN! ...$200.00 repair service NOT included!
  8.   I have the ADC and DAC in stock for these units. They were discontinued years ago but we found a batch!. If you have an SDD3000 that has clicks, pops or distortion in the delay signal we can fix it! these are $25 each
  9.     We have  delay memory chips. These chips are used to keep the delay signal clean! If you've got ghosts in the                   machine. we can clean them out! chips are $15 each
  10.        A complete service on most SDD3000 averages $250.  Not including return shipping
  11.        To send it in give us a call. our turnaround is 2 weeks. but rush service is available.  



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